One-on-one Photography Workshop

Posing People Photography Workshops in Melbourne

Most of the photographers know how to work with lighting, focus and composition. They understand f-stops and depth of field inside out. But there’s one more skill that’s vital when you’re shooting live targets whether you’re a novice or an old hand – and that’s how to get your subjects to strike that perfect pose.

With the rise of advanced digital technologies, one of the most crucial skills a photographer can have is effective communication. Why? Because if your subject’s feeling self-conscious even the most extraordinary location or beautifully lit studio won’t result in an arresting image.

Learn how to effectively direct your subject!

In this 2-hour one-on-one posing photography workshop in Melbourne, you’ll learn how to build rapport quickly to create visual stories and achieve great shots full of life and expression.

Find out how to communicate with your clients and models by understanding their body language and what makes them at ease in front of the camera. Help them discover their best angles and show genuine emotions. Get them relaxed, comfortable and feeling camera confident so they can bring their best art to your session.


In Posing Photography workshop you’ll discover how to:

  • Communicate correctly with your subject to get a desired pose
  • Use a range of posing techniques and adjust them to different body types
  • Highlight your subject’s best features and avoid unflattering angles
  • Explore a range of new visual inspirations
  • Create a relaxed session atmosphere to build your subject’s confidence
  • Give clear instructions and avoid common communication mistakes
  • Work more successfully with props
  • Update your portfolio with remarkably expressive images.
Yana Martens photography posing workshop
Yana Martens Swimwear posing workshop

Choose to concentrate on one of the following Posing topics:

  • Full body poses
  • Sitting poses
  • Expressions
  • Fitness posing
  • Swimwear posing
  • Fashion posing
  • Male posing (additional fee for model)
  • Couple posing (additional fee for model).

This workshop is suitable for all levels from beginners to professionals. The workshop concentrates on posing techniques rather lighting or camera settings.

 *Please Note: Lens choice determines topics.


Duration: 2 hours.

Location: Various throughout Melbourne, depending on topic chosen (Additional charge applies for locations 20 km or more from St Kilda).

$ 200